My First Crush

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You'll never forget your first crush. It's was fourth grade, and I was new to the school. I don't remember how I fell for him, but I did. He was smart, tall, and cute. All the girls liked him, and I couldn't help but like him too. The one thing that was different about him than my later crushes was I actually talk to him. We've never held long conversations, but we talked.

 I never wrote about him in my diary because I was afraid my cousin would read it and tease me about it. However my cousins did find out I liked him, and they did teased me about it. When fifth grade arrived, I met a new guy and we became friends instantly. We were always laughing and joking around. I only liked  the new guy as a friend, even though everyone thought I liked him more than a friend. The new guy and my fourth grade crush became friends, and we all hang out. It's weird thinking about it now because I actually had guy friends, and I didn't feel weird about being the only girl.  Although, I didn't like my fourth grade crush anymore, I still thought he was a cool guy.

One thing about my first crush that makes him different that the rest was he actually liked me back. Too bad I never knew this in elementary school because I would have screamed for joy.  I thought after liking him, I would meet amazing guys in middle school and  high school. I didn't. In fact, middle school guys were completely out of the question. Only one guy liked me, and my stupid self didn't like him until I transferred. High school guys were even worst. I didn't think I was the type of girl guys liked in high school. They probably thought I was weird, so I spent most of high school crushing on celebrities.

Then there's college. I thought it would finally get better, but so far it hasn't.  Like high school, in the beginning of my freshman year in college I often compare myself to what guys liked. For some reason I thought I wasn't close to being the girl they would like. I was really harsh on myself back in high school and my early college years.  Now my only focus in college these days are getting a degree and later a successful career. 

Although I have met and liked guys after my fourth grade crush there were times that I thought of him. I think the reason why I thought of him because I've never met a guy who I'd liked that liked me back. To me, you'll never forget the crush that liked you backed.

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  1. I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  2. OMG!! We had almost the same experience tho!! The only difference was my first crush never like me back and we still friends and 'liker' for each other's Instagram pictures. Btw, I have went through the same stories as yours in middle school and high school too. Felt so happy of seeing someone having the almost same experience as me :) *I just stalked my first crush just now, and he is still as cool as usual haha anyway I like him alot as a friend* Hope you already found someone that like you back now :)


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