Signs You've Been Unemployed For A Long Time

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It's a hard knock life for us. I'm almost 21 years old, and I still haven't found a job, except one. If only my resume can  include all the jobs I've applied for then future job employers would be really impressed at the effort I put into looking for a job. So far, I had a total of seven job interviews in two years all not equaling a job. Right now, I'm feeling alone because it seems like all my Facebook friends to random Twitter followers have a job except me. It's time for me to throw a self pity party. Here are some signs and symptoms that I have from been unemployed for a long time.

When people ask have I been looking for a job, my reaction is usually.

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When I get a job interview.

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When I don't get the job because I lack 

Then I begin to wonder what I need to do next.

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When I'm feeling down about looking for work, any little thing can upset me.

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After a day or two, I begin to feel a little better and begin to think positive about getting a job. Until I see someone's Facebook status bragging about getting a job.

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 But there is HOPE! Maybe I will find a job in this small town. I'm still looking. I like to thank everyone who has help me looked for a job.  Special thanks to my mom, Aunt Loris, and Tara. I also like to thank Snag A Job and Indeed Job because these two websites help land some interviews.

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  1. awww. you got this! are you looking for something specifically in your field, or just any job? when i desperately needed a summer job in my small town i literally walked door to door for like 3 kind of sucked, but i ended up getting a few offers.

    1. I really wanted a retail job because fast food is not my strong suit. However fast food jobs are closer to my house. I don't have a car so I really prefer a job closer to where I live. I'm trying though.. I just haven't had much luck. Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Haha, love this post. I can relate, if only we got paid for all the interview we attend and never hear from again.


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