Does Psy Have a Hit with "Gentleman"?

12:44 AM

There was a lot of speculations on whether or not Korean rapper/singer Psy was going to be able to follow up on his viral hit "Gangnam Style". Now the world will finally be able to see if Psy has what it takes to keep the its attention on him. Psy released the follow up video to Saturday, called "Gentleman".  Already, the video has produced over 10 million views on YouTube and the numbers are steadily climbing.
Although the song was called "Gentleman", Psy was doing any and everything that a gentleman wouldn't do,like pulling out a seat when a lady is about to sit down, making her fall.

The song is really catchy and the chorus "I'm a mother father Gentleman" is hilarious! Brown Eyed Girls's Ga-in makes a cameo in the video and the new dance gives a nod to BEG's popular "Abracadabra".

What people don't realize is that Psy was actually popular before "Gangnam Style" and not all his work is to be taken as a joke or only for the dance.Yes, I think "Gentleman" will gain many downloads and YouTube views, but I'm not sure if Psy will be able to capture fans that truly appreciate his full artistry.

What do you think of the video? Will Psy be able to keep his popularity for long?

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