I Won't Cry About This - My Mascara is Too Expensive

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So, I tried out to be a Resident Assistant (R.A.). The interview process is pretty intense. I don't think I have ever experienced anything similar to this. One of the most nerve-racking moments in the interview is the sixty second speech. The lady gives us a word, and we have sixty seconds to think of a responce while standing in front of a group of people behind a podium.

The people who went ahead of me had pretty easy words including leadership, stress, discipline, rules, and  community. Each of the words have to be used in some form to relate to being a R.A. When my turn came, I got the word privacy. I honestly could not think of anything, so I rambled. I'm  pretty sure I repeated myself, and I did not finish my sixty seconds. One thing I did remember while saying the speech is  I did really bad. Yes, I mumbled those words in front of everyone. At that point I didn't care. I knew that what I was saying did not make much sense at all. I also keep looking down at the podium and I couldn't think. For some reason my brain wasn't functioning.

After my poor excuse of a speech, one girl I knew, had a sad look on her face, and she patted me on the knee.  I kinda wanted to cry, but it wasn't worth it.  I began to wonder will I have similar experience to this being a Broadcast Journalism major. Will the interview process be this intense? I wanted to be a R.A to help pay for my school because taking out loans are beginning to add up. I do not want to be in so much student loan debt.  I remember a saying that when God closes one door, it's because what's behind it isn't what you wanted any more.

 Maybe God knew that being a R.A is not something that is meant for me. Maybe that's why I screwed up on the speech.  Everything happens for a reason, right?  I do not know where I'm headed in the future, but I really have to trust that God will provide a way, even when I feel like giving up, or when I think God doesn't care about me. I have to trust his decisions.  I am hoping for a breakthrough, but some breakthroughs take longer than others.

Are you struggling for a breakthrough? Comment below.

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