Jackie Robinson's Legacy Lives On

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The Jackie Robinson Biopic 42 is the number movie pick over the weekend grossing $27.3 million in its first week and making history as the first ever baseball theme movie to earn over $20 million in box office sells according to Forbes. The movie inspire viewers in theaters, and Robinson's legacy is still inspiring improvement today.

 Monday, April 15th on Jackie Robinson day, former MLB player Carlos May, Chicago Cub's Jerome Walton, and Tom "Flash" Gordon are on the field to participate in the Wal-Mart 42 Field Refurbishment Program.

 Wal-Mart teamed up with Warner Bros, Scotts Turf and Ball Park brands, to celebrate and honor Robinson by refurbishing ballparks across the country in need of a make over. Their goal is not only to encourage young players, but also to uplift and beautify the community.

Monday,  Chicago's Wendell Smith Elementary School, the African-American sportswriter played by Andre Holland in the film, received the makeover treatment. According to Radio Facts, remodeling of parks have already taken place in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Orlando and more events will start  in Los Angeles and Bentonville, Ark.

42 is open in theaters nationwide.

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