Get an A on Your Next Test: Study Tips You Should Follow

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Fact: Tests and exams are two aspects of college that won't be going away any time soon.Since you'll have to deal with them throughout your college career, the best way to deal with them is learn how to ace them. Of course going to classes and doing your homework all help get you high marks on tests, but the major part in acing your class is studying. Read out tips on making the most out of your study time.

Location, Location, Location
Always study in an area that's free from distractions and loud noises. The best place to study is the library where books and computers are readily available. You can also create a study area in your house. Make sure you choose a quiet, comfortable area with a good source of light.

 PatrickJMT's videos helped my friend pass calculus
 Watch It
YouTube isn't only for cat videos. There are many YouTube accounts dedicated to breaking down hard processes and problems in any subject. My biology teacher understood this and shared many videos that made it easier to understand some of the topics in class. All you have to do is type in what you're looking for in the search bar to find a video that will help you. Think of it as free tutoring.

Make Flash Cards

Those index cards you made in high school still do the job in college. When using them for key figures or major events, try to note the important information such as dates,  key facts, and why that person or event is important. 
Grab a Study Buddy
Getting someone to study with is always a great idea. Ask someone from your class or a friend knowledgeable in the subject to help you study . If you’re having trouble with a subject, your study partner may be able to help you understand. Just make sure you’re away from any distractions so you can get some work done.

Summarize It
Writing a summary is a great way to see how much you really know about the subject and is especially useful when studying history or English. When it comes to history, pick a key figure or event and write down the who, what, where, why, and how. If you can't remember why that person or event is important, then it's time to read about them again. Always try to remember dates, names, ideas, and key events of the people involved. For English classes, try to think of the main characters in the story, their motives, and what the major events were.

Learn the Terms
Go over key terms from the chapter. Any term that your professor stresses during lectures, or always seems to pop up could easily return on a test.

Cramming overnight is never a good idea. For best results, study a week in advance for a major exam.

What are your study tips?

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