Peak at 2NE1's English SIngle "Take The World On"

3:07 PM

WIth 2NE1 being wrapped up in endorsements and continuing Japanese promotions, it almost seemed as if talk of they're American album was just a dream. As if hearing their fans unrest, the fabulous ladies of 2NE1 have given us a sneak peek at one of their upcoming singles in a new video.
The video features who starts off the video by saying "Out of all the kpop groups, my gut tells me that 2ne1 will be the biggest global Asian group." Of course what he says is true: of all the groups hoping to make an American debut 2NE1 has the best chances of making it big. After all, fans crowned them the best band in the world. What I'm not so sure about is the girls actually bringing the same aspects that made us love their Korean music to their American music. The girls have proven that they will conform to make it into the market.

We still want the girls to be able to make the same kind of musical statement they made when we first met them, and sound like 2NE1, but only in English. This snippet, however, sounds like a Black Eyed Peas song. From what we've been shown, it sounds as if Fergie could easily come in and take over. This is only the beginning and more material from their American album will be revealed. Let's just hope that they don't become the Asian Black Eyed Peas in the album.  Let's keep our fingers crossed guys!

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