Rainbow Colors the New Trend for Spring?

1:58 PM

Pharrell showing off his new green do
The coming of spring means it's time to bring out the color, but come celebs have taken this a little too literally.   Some stars are known for their outrageous fashion statements like wearing pink wigs, but it seems that the hair color trend is gaining popularity.  bringing in the green. What do you think of this new color trend? Will you be rocking it too?
 Katy Perry and T.O.P. have been rocking smurf blood blood blue hair for a while. Kelly Osborne has some kind kind of color mixture on her hair. NOw Pharrell and WIllow Smith are joining the rainbow gang. What do you guys think of hte hair has been rocking blue hair and now Pharrell and Willow Smith are
Korean Rapper TOP and his frosty blue hair

OMG Girls look great in their colorul tresses

Willow Smith modeling her new green locks

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