Rihanna gets Dissed by KISS, Spends night with Ashton Kutcher

9:36 AM

 Rock legend Gene Simmons isn't much of a Rihanna fan. Tuesday afternoon after KISS and the Motley Crue announced that they would be holding a joint tour, the some of the band members commented on the state of music today were some less than praiseworthy comments were made about Rihanna.
KISS front man Gene Simmons said
"We're sick and tired of girls getting up there with dancers and karaoke tapes in back of them, The guys you see on stage are playing their instruments. No fake bullshit. Leave that to the Rihanna, Shmianna and anyone who ends their name with an 'A.' ".
 I'm guessing he went to one of her less than thrilling live performances.

 In other Rihanna news, TMZ reports that the singer was seen arriving at Kuchter's home around midnight and did not emerge until 4am. No news has broken out as to what prompted this late night meeting, although there aren't that many things that can happen between two people between 12-4 in the morning. We guess Brown was too busy comforting his frightened girlfriend to give the starlet the kind of attention she wanted.

(Billboard, TMZ)

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