Monica and Brandy "It All Belongs To Me" MV

1:35 PM

Their Back! Who can forget the wonderful collaboration that these two done with  the Grammy winning song "The Boy Is Mine." Now, years later Brandy and Monica have release another collaborating hit. "It All Belongs To Me. "
A lot of fans on Youtube are praising the video, saying both Brandy and Monica look beautiful, and some like the song, but the lyrics, some say, are kinda corny, commenting that grown women saying that the Macbook and Facebook belongs to me.  What is your opinion about this song? Is it better than "The Boy Is Mine."

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  1. I love this song! Love the video even more! These so-called grown people talking about Monica and Brandy references to Facebook/Macbook need to put that crazy ish to rest! After all, I see all of you on Facebook talking about it! How are they too grown for Facebook???? FYI: It is very relavant now...get over it!!!!!


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