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Fall is officially here and the new change of weather brings us new shows and returns of others. I was able to binge on a couple of premieres and returns last week thanks to Hulu, and wanted to share what I thought . Be warned, spoilers may appear in the upcoming summaries, so proceed with caution.


Scream Queens (Tuesday 9/8, FOX)

Someone described this show perfectly as a mix between Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story. It revolves around a sorority that is being targeted by a devil mask wearing villain who is killing them off one by one. The two hour premiere featured celebs Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas, and has KeKe Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis as regulars So with four of my faves in the premiere, you'd think I love the show right?
Nope. I had high hops for this one, but it failed me terribly. The story line was super unrealistic, I didn't like the characters, and couldn't even watch the whole show. I understand that the exaggerated actions where supposed to be funny (texting the killer who is in front of you) but found little humor in them. I get it's supposed to be funny, like a TV version Scary Movie  but it didn't do much to make me laugh of want to go on. I didn't even finish the first episode. I'm definitely gonna pass this one.

Verdict :2/5  Who takes that long to tweet when a killer is after you?


Minority Report (Monday 9/8c, FOX)

 The show is a spin off of the movie with the same name, and follows life after the  Pre-crime Program, which arrests criminals before they commit crimes, has ended. Meagan Good leads the cast as Vega, a post pre-crime cop who teams up with Dash, one of the three siblings who was used to predict future crimes before they happened-also called a cog.  I vaguely remember watching the original movie, so I really wanted to see how the TV spin off would turn out. I wasn't disappointed. The show has really great graphics and special effects for a cable TV production. It was a little slow for me, but there was just enough action in the first episode to keep me interested. The story is really what really kept me in. Cogs were set off on their own, and Dash is trying to do the very thing that kept him a slave for most of his life. I'm really curious to see what happens to the cogs, what other murders they'll prevent, and how they'll explain having a cog working for the police. I'm sure his true identity is going to be revealed soon.  Besides that, the show has a very diverse cast, which a huge plus. It's great to see Good out of the girl next door/seductress role she's usually cast as. I'm hoping the show picks up the pace in the upcoming episodes.

Verdict 3/5 They need to pick up the pace


How to Get Away with Murder (Thursday 10/9c, ABC )

My favorite show from last fall has returned to ABC and the mystery continues right where the last season left off. We still follow Annaliese Keaton and her defense team lead their clients to innonce, while covering up their own criminal activity. In the first episode we find out some surprising secrets about Annalies and a former lover, who really killed Rebecca, and a new mystery is revealed in the end. This is going to be a great season for this show, and of course Shondaland writers did not disappointment with this. There's really not much to say without ruining anything except there's no doubt I'll be tuning in this season.

Verdict: 5/5 This show is damn near perfect


Scandal (Thursday 9/8c ABC)

Another Shondaland hit returns this season, and gladiators couldn't be happier. The story pick right back up with Liv spending here nights rolling around in the whitehouse master sweet with EL Presidente Fitz. Mellie is still out of the house, still holding on to hope that Fitz still love her, and Liv is back to fixing problems. In other words, it's the same old same old, but I love it. Except the Fitz and Olivia part. I still believe they're one of the worst couples in TV history, and hope their romance won't take up too much screen time this season. I'm predicting another break up in  and get back together in the future. Despite this, the season returned back to it's pre-kidnapped Olivia glory and so far everything seems good.

Verdict: 4/5 Only because of Olitz. Ugh.


Rosewood (Wednesday 8/7c, FOX)

This story is about Beaumont Rosewood, a private pathologist who helps Miami police solve crimes. First of all, isn't it about time Morris Chestnut got some shine? I honestly don't watch these types of crime solving shows often, but Rosewood seems to fit in with some of the decent ones. He has an interesting history I'm curious to see be brought out more in the upcoming episodes, and Morris just looks so great on my TV screen! I do feel like the relationship between Rosewood and detective Villa is a little forced right now . . . but maybe they'll ease into in upcoming episodes. Until then, I'll be supporting and seeing how the show plays out

Verdict: 3/5 The chemistry isn't quite there . . .


Blindspot (Mondays 10/9c ,NBC)

THe story goes that a nake woman, covered in tattoos, is found inside a duffle bag in the middle of New York. She has no memory, but the tattoos on her body are a map to upcoming events and mayber her memory. The premiere went rather smoothly, and honestly there isn't much that I can find myself to talk about. I'm interested, but not invested. I want to know who the woman is, and what is really going in the story, but I was never hanging off the edge of my seat or trying to predict the next episode.

3.5/5 I'm not hooked in just yet


Narcos (NETFLIX)

This series chronicles the true story of Pablo Escobar, the head of the drug cartel in Columbia who is responsible for the arrival of cocaine in the US, and the DEA agent dedicated to stopping him. This was released in the summeron Netflix, but it's so good I had to add it. There is plenty of action, great storytelling, and just overall disbeleif that one man caused so many problems for so many people. I know the show is based off of a book, and hopefully I can grab it and read the whole story before Narcos returns with a second season. Catch this on Netflix if you haven't already.

Verdict: 5/5 Netflix does it again!

There are a few more shows premiering soon and a few I've missed, so I may update this list as time goes by. What do you think of this season's TV lineup? Which shows are you loving/hating now?

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