Senior Reflections: Lost Opportunities in College

12:14 PM

I honestly can't believe I'm in my senior year! Time has gone by so quickly I can hardly believe it's almost over. With the end so near, my thoughts have been on how I've spent my time in college and things I wish I had done.

Working too much

I had to work to keep up with expenses, but I didn't have to work as hard as I did. At one point I was juggling two jobs, a full class load, clubs, and blogging at the same time.I always put my work first, and would never have the guts to reserve days for personal time. This caused a little bit of strife in my LDR because I never took off time to see my boyfriend. Last minute getaways with friends were unheard of (I actually passed up a chance to see Katy Perry for free because of work). I now take time for me and freely ask for a few days off, but I still can't get those days back. 

No Friend Time

Again, work always caused a problem with this one. My friends would come home from college and I'd be on the clock for the weekend and too tired to hang out afterwards. Besides that, there were a few friends I made in class I always planned to catch up with but nothing ever came to it besides quick lunches on campus.

Not Going the Distance

Everyone knows I'm a PRO-crastinator, and I can usually make things work for me at the last minute. But there are a few projects that I look back on that I know would have been perfect to add to my portfolio or reel if I had invested the time and talent it truly deserved. As the time to graduate comes closer, late night jobs have been happening less and less. 

Teacher Student Relationships

I was usually always in and out of class and never really got to develop a good relationship with my professors. I think they liked me enough, but I never felt that they knew enough about my work ethic and skills to vouch for me. Which completely blew me over when I'd see scholarships I wanted to apply for, but felt as if I wouldn't have any good teacher recommendations. So I'd skip out applying, which was really stupid because I know I could have landed at least one of them.

Not Taking Chances

There were a lot of things I'd hoped to do in college just to see how things would turnout. But lack of time and commitment made sure that they never got done. I never tried out for the school plays like I said I would. I haven't submitted my work to the school literary magazine. I never tried out for any sports either. 

I've learned some valuable lessons from my time in college and won't be making these same mistakes in the future. Besides, this is my last semester and I plan on making the most of it. 

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  1. I had the same problem with working too much when I was a senior in high school. I had to deal with 7 hours of school and 6 hours of work every single day and I didn't get to enjoy my last year in high school. I regret it so much, but my work ethic really improved, now to just find some balance!

    XO, Carolyn

    1. I'm glad I was able to get my work/school schedule worked out. I had no life for a good bit, which really sucked.

  2. This was my biggest problem when I was in college--I really miss the people I met and got to be close friends with there! Thankfully, we're still friends and the sacrifices I made do seem to be paying off! Finding a balance was definitely key though--I used my extra-curriculars and my other major as my "breaks." It reallyyy helped me with crazy work ethic + time management skills though!

    1. I was able to find some sort of a balance, but I think about all the things I miss. Especially the concert!


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