If These Male Celebrities Went To College

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I have a huge imagination. This imagination is one perk of being the only child.  One day I was thinking about celebrities and what type of person they would be if they attended college with me. Here is my take on the type of college students some of these guys would be.

The Weeknd


Lately, I've been obsessing over The Weeknd. If The Weeknd went to college, I would notice his hair before his face. (Side note: There is a guy that currently attends my University that has the exact same hairstyle as The Weeknd.)  Anyway, The Weeknd would smoke pot in his filthy dorm room.
He would arrive to class late with his pajamas on, asking a classmate for a pencil and not returning it. The Weeknd would hang out with a group of guys who all rock dreads or afros. He would probably date a girl who smokes and drinks as much as he does. Think of aSky Ferreria type of girl.  Needless to say, The Weeknd would drop out of school after his first semester because he never came to class.

Kendrick Lamar


Believe it or not, I can see Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd being great friends in college. Heck, they might even be roommates.  Kendrick would probably be seen skateboarding around campus or riding a bike. He would often wear a white T-Shirt and blue shorts with holes. Unlike The Weeknd, dropping out his first semester, Kendrick will graduate. I don't see Kendrick with a girlfriend because girls would friend zone him. If Kendrick does get a girlfriend she would not be American. She'll probably be an international girl from Nigeria or something.

J. Cole

My soon to husband J. Cole is actually a college graduate, but I still can't help but wonder what type of guy he would be in college. J Cole would probably be the president of NAACP. He would be seen walking around campus pretty casual looking. J Cole would definitely have a girlfriend. In fact, he would spend much of his college time with her. They would be the cute, but annoying couple that would constantly post pictures of each other. Oh, and his girlfriend would probably be a sorority girl.

Stephen Curry

Sitting in the dining hall alone, you see a light skin guy by the name of Stephen Curry. Behold, he is wearing Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. His choice outfit includes athletic sweat pants, Nike sandals with white socks, and an athletic jacket. Notice as he looks up, smiles, and shake hands with his fellow teammates as they walk by him. His girlfriend, nowhere to be seen because she attends a different university.


Drake is depressed because he didn't get accepted into his girlfriend's college.


However, Drake does visit his girlfriend every weekend.


 Until one foggy night in October, Drake decided to surprise his girl. He bought her candy, a teddy bear and Beyonce's concert tickets. He also bought her roommate gummy bears,because he didn't want her to feel lonely. Drake hates seeing lonely girls. Drake walks upstairs and knocks twice at his girlfriend's door. Drake's mom always told him to knock before entering a room. His girlfriend doesn't answer. Drake becomes puzzled and decides to call her, because his mother told him how rude it is to enter someone's house without their permission. She doesn't answer. Drake decides, against his mother's wishes, to enter the room. He turns on the lights and finds his girlfriend in bed with some light skin dude named Chris Brown.

After that incident, Nothing Was the Same for Drake.

Trey Songz


He would definitely join a fraternity probably Kappa Alpha Psi. He would always have a girlfriend. He would only be popular with the young freshman girls because they think he's super cute.  He won't have many guy friends because Trey was too busy stealing all the guys' crushes, girlfriends, side chicks, and one night stands.

Kanye West


Mr. College Dropout. Believe it or not, I can see Kanye being very active in college. He would be a part of every organization. He would try to be President of SGA, but lose and complain about how the votes were miscounted and he was the actual winner. He would come to class everyday, take notes, and keep decent grades in school. Kanye would become friends with Kendrick Lamar after The Weeknd drops out. He would be popular among his male peers, and he won't have a girlfriend because he would be too busy for one.

I had fun writing this. Comment below and tell me your thought. 

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