Hottie on The Look Out: O'shea Jackson Jr.

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O'shea Jackson Jr., or as his fans call him O'Bae is the latest hottie on the look out. "O'shea, won't you swing my way?" Who would have thought Ice Cube's son would have been super cute? Don't get me wrong, Ice Cube isn't a bad looking man. Heck my roommate thinks the three moles on Ice Cube's face are super sexy.   Let's take a moment and enjoy the offspring of Ice Cube.

 Look at Bae. Even when he's not smiling he's taking the best pic. Jason Mitchell is behind him. I think he's cute too, and he did a great job playing Easy-E in Straight Outta Compton.



                                                  Imagine bringing O'shea home for Christmas.


 O'shea would be the best boyfriend. Look at the way he looks at actress Alexandra Shipp, who plays his wife in Straight outta Compton.


The way he winks at you. *Falls on floor*


He's not afraid of eating ribs, even with a suit on. 

He's super sweet to his mom.

A photo posted by O'Shea Jackson Jr (@osheajacksonjr) on

So thank you Ice Cube for introducing us to your son. 

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