Let's Talk About The P Word (Period)

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Time to talk about the P word. Our period is something we wish we could live without, but sadly we're stuck with it. One thing a guy will never understand is what women go through during the time of the month. Last year in college I was so lucky because my period always came on during the weekend. I know some of you think of that as a bad thing, but I'd rather my period come on during the weekend while I'm at home than come on while I'm in the middle of a presentation or on a Monday. One of my worst period moments was two years ago.

My period came on during  a weekend, thankfully, and I instantly felt nauseated. I started to feel really hot and I had really sharp cramps. I tried taking an Aleve to make the pain go away, but even that didn't help.  Soon I started to feel weak. Keep in mind my roommate was sitting on her side of the dorm as I was dealing with this pain. Eventually I threw up. After throwing up I felt a little better. Here are some crazy tips  I've been told to deal with my period. See if these tips apply with you.

  • For stomach cramps, place a warm heating pad on your stomach.

  • Limit your intake of sodium. Too much salt will cause your stomach to bloat.   I ignored this tip, but one day I ate a bowl of Ramen noddles and my stomach bloated like a balloon. I wish I would have listened.

  • Eat Bananas. Bananas actually helped me at one point. They're really good for period cramps.

  • Sleep off the Cramps. This tip is a must. Sometimes a girl just has to sleep it off. (Taylor Swift voice)

  • Don't eat Dairy products while your stomach is cramping. It's really tempting to eat ice cream or a milkshake, but sometimes that causes your stomach to cramp even worse. I normally wait until the third day of my period before I eat dairy products.

  • Don't Eat Green Vegetables. This tip, I'm unsure about, but an old roommate told me to not eat green vegetables  during the time of the month. She claimed causes a heavier flow. 

  • Wear Black because you're Emo. This tip I'm totally joking about, but black and navy blue are probably the safest colors to wear. 

  • Stick to the usual products. If you normally wear pads, but decided this month to wear a tampon, use extra caution since it's your first time. Also if you switch from Always Regular to Always Infinity be prepared for a different feel. It may be from the same company but those two are completely different. 

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