Sam Smith "Money On My Mind" + Girls' Generation "MR. MR" Music Review

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Sam Smith's popularity is slowly growing. I remember reading an article naming Sam Smith the "next Adele" because he holds potential  to cross over to the American charts much like Adele did. After winning the Critics Choice Award at the Brit Award show this year people are taking notice to him. I'm not surprised by the success and recognition Sam Smith is receiving. Last month he released a single called "Money on My Mind," from his debut album In The Lonely Hour.

The song is not about popping bottles and flashing money like I thought. Instead Smith sings "I don't have money on my mind, money on my mind, I do it for, I do for the love."  He singing about not caring about the money that comes with being a musician, he only sings because he loves it. Pretty self explanatory.

As for the song itself, it wasn't my favorite. I didn't like the chorus because he's sings more high pitch than the rest.  However, I find this song stuck in my head. It may not be the best song when you first listen to it, but give it another shoot because you may like.

 Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation have been sweeping the charts this week with their new album Mr. Mr. Their song "Mr. Mr." is my favorite at the moment. For some reason it takes me back to Super Junior song "Mr. Simple."The song was produced by the Underdogs, who worked with American artists like Beyonce and Justin Timerberlake.

The song is a fun, electro pop R&B song. I really like the chrous because the beat switches a bit and you can really dance to it. For some reason I imagine myself jamming to it at the skating rink.

 Although I like the song, I'm not a fan of the bridge because their singing seems a bit off key. Maybe it was done that way on purpose. Overall the song is a good song. The album itself was an all kill and ranked second on the U.S iTunes charts.

Random Music:

If you haven't check out Japaneses artist, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu  latest song. Click the link.

What do you think of the songs?

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