"That Awkward Moment" Movie Review

10:30 AM

I've been dying to see That Awkward Moment since I saw the first movie trailer. I was excited to see my two boyfriends, Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan, on the big screen together. Throughout the movie I could not stop smiling.

Efron plays a young bachelor named Jason, who is not in the mood for a committed relationship. His only concern is his roster. Roster meaning having sex with women and not having any emotional attachment.

Michael B Jordan plays a young doctor by the name of Mikey. He's going through a divorce. Miles Teller plays Daniel. The only thing I can remember about his character that he was the funny guy. I don't know why, but Jason and Daniel reminded me of an older version of Drake and Josh from the Nickelodeon show. You have to see the movie to understand that reference.

 Anyways, the main plot of the movie was for each guy to stay single while Mikey is going through his divorce.  There are plenty of scenes that will make you laugh for sure. Watching the red band trailer had me dying laughing. 

Should you go to the movie theater and see it?

I vote no. Save your $10 or whatever price you pay for a movie ticket at home. It's a funny movie and great to enjoy, even with your boyfriend, but I would wait until it comes on Red Box and see it


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  1. I really want to watch this movie, but there are 2 cons:

    1. I don't have money for the theater.
    2. I live in a village, which me take it to a travel about six hours to go and watch it. And more money. Haha.

    So i'm also waiting for it to come out here.

    Still waiting! haha

    1. lol, don't worry. This is a movie that you can wait to come out on dvd


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