Pet peeves on career fairs

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I've been to a lot of career and club fairs at school and I honestly really going to them. It's a great chance to get involved on campus, network, and even meet new friends. But the one thing that I hate about these fairs are the people behind the table that look like they'd be rather be anywhere else but there. These "happy" workers are usually few and far between, but hey really suck out my interest whenever I meet them.  So to help these people out, and to vent a little, here's a few tips I wish I could tell these people to make the best of out time together.

When you've been picked to sit at the table all day for your organization, one of the beat things to remember is to be approachable. Everything from your body language to facial expression should express that you are willing answer questions to an interested student.

Talk to me
If you see me lingering at your table or flipping through your brochures, why don't you introduce yourself. This isn't a bar scene where I'll think you're a creep for saying hi to me. It's your job to get me interested. So say hello, introduce yourself and the company/club, then tell me why I should join.

Tell me about you
Last year I attended a program downtown that was mainly meant to bring volunteers and organizations together. I was really wanting to get some more volunteer hours and saw an organization there I heard a lot about and liked their cause. As soon as I got to the table, one of the women there smiled at me and shoved a bunch of flyers into my hand asking me to hang them up in the bathrooms at school for her. No greeting. No information about the organization or how I could join the cause. She just told me to pass out posters. Needless to say, she turned me completely off. Don't be like this woman. You want to draw people in to your cause and get them to join arms with you, not turn them off from your cause. IN other words, be courteous to potential members/employees and you'll not only shine, but shine for your organization as well.

Know Your Stuff
If I ask u a question about your program and you can't give me an answer you immediately lose credentials in my eyes. Who wants to join an org where even the recruiter can't answer basic information, such as when are meetings held. If you don't know an answer, tell the truth. Then explain that even though you don't know the answer now, you'll be happy to bring an answer back to them. That makes me think you actually value me as a potential member, and you can now contact me!

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