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So we got nominated for the Liebster award! Woohoo. We'd like to say thanks to Sami of Sparkle and Shine for the award! The Liebster awards are given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. SO if you go by our Instagram and Facebook, we count!

Like other blogging awards, this one comes with a few rules.
- 11 Random Facts about yourself
- Answer the 11 questions the awarding blogger has posted for you
- Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers)
- Let the bloggers you have nominated, know you nominated them!
- No tag backs
Sami had a few questions for us and we both answered them below. My (Tara's) answers are in purple, while Shannah's are in blue
Okay, let's get it started with eleven random facts about us each.
  1. I can't stand sleeping with shoes underneath my bed because someone once told me that I wouldn't get any sleep at night with shoes underneath my bed. 
  2. My hands are mildly double jointed.
  3. I generally drink juice/water after I eat my food.
  4. I never fold my clothes. I just throw them in my drawers. 
  5. I believe every girl secretly lies about her shoe size. (I wear a 9/1/2... sometimes 9)
  6. When I really like a guy, I will never eat in front of him.
  7. While in school, I was slightly jealous of people who had birthdays during the school year because everyone would wish them happy birthday. However when my birthday came around (July 2), I had no friends wishing me happy birthday over the intercom or the school's morning show.
  8. I'm very insecure about my cooking skills. I won't let a stranger eat my food because I'm afraid they won't like it.
  9. To this day, I'm always mean to boys who like me that I don't like back. 
  10. I once told my cousin that fourth grade was the hardest grade ever, which was true for me at the time. Years later he told me that he was afraid of fourth grade because of what I said.
  11. I'm probably the only kid who never slept during nap time.
  1.  I personally call myself the queen of discount shopping.
  2. I was a super tomboy as a child and hated everything girly.
  3. Now I love wearing skirts and dresses.
  4. I hardly ever read books twice.
  5. I become the most obsessive person when I find something I like.
  6. Twins run in my family, which is one reason I am NOT rushing to have kids.
  7. A young woman on a local radio station inspired me not to date in high school.
  8. I'm double jointed in my arms.
  9. When I was younger ,I could never sleep with the TV off, now I can't sleep unless my room is completely dark.
  10. Most people don't realize how nerdy I am until I start talking.\
  11. I love fantasy and good fiction books.
1. If you were stuck on an island and could only have three items with you – what would you bring?
A satellite cellphone , a boat, and a water filter. 

A Bible, a notepad, and a First Aid Kit
2. What was the last show you binge watched on Netflix?
Just finished Game of Thrones and I"m hooked. It's a great series and I can't wait to for season 4 to be released in April! 

I don't have Netflix
3. What’s the last thing you bought?
a Caramel Fran Frappuchino from Starbucks. 
Chick- Fil La
4. Who is your favorite Disney character?
Mulan. Fearless, strong, brave, and made sacrifices for her family.

Lizzie McGuire because she made me realize it's fine to be awkward. 
5. Backstreet Boys or NSync?

Nsync as well
6. What was your favorite show as a kid?
Sailor Moon is my all time favorite show as a kid! Love meatball head and seeing the girls fight their enemies in the name of the moon!

Lizzie McGuire because the show made Junior High School seem so much than what it really is. 
7. What’s your favorite book?
Ooh, this is a tough one. I want to say Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. It started my lust for the series and was a perfect way to escape into another world. 

I will have to go for the Pretty Little Liars book series.

8. What is your dream job?
I would kill to work with Pixar as a storyboard artist or animator. 
I guess I haven't thought about a dream job. My dream job is a job that I will be happy with.
9. If you could eat dinner with anyone – dead or alive – who would you pick? Why?
Jesus. I would love to meet the man/God from the Bible and experience him in person.

For alive, I will have to say Wendy Williams, don't judge me, but I think she's hilarious. Plus we can talk nonstop about the latest Hot Topics 
10. What’s your favorite restaurant? 
Don't have a favorite actually.

I like Olive Garden, even though I only went one time .

11. What are your blogging goals?
Honestly, I"d love to monetize this blog and be able to use my work here on my resume 

To expand it to a bigger audience.

So we'd like to nominate the following bloggers for the Liebster award. 
1. Tiffany White @ Endless Bliss 
3 Breckenridge @ Whim of the South
4 MIchaela @  By Mchaela Christine 
5 Taylor @ Welcome Home Taylor
7 Rania @ Excuse Denied
8 Madison @ C'est la Moot
9  Jessica @ A Cup of Jessica
10 Jacqueline @ Polished Perfectly
11 HIma @ Hima Hearts

Most of the bloggers above are members of the Her Campus Blogger Network. And many of them are new, so this is a great way to introduce you all to some cool bloggers and help us all get to know each other. Here are our eleven questions for them:
  1. What TV series are you obsessed with right now?
  2. Who's your favorite person in the whole world?
  3. One thing you should probably be doing right now?
  4. What's your favorite APP at the moment?
  5. Name one item you can't live without?
  6. If you could go back in time and stop one embarrassing/awkward moment that happened to you, what would it be?
  7. What decade of style do you like the most? (20's, 70's 80's, 90's)
  8. Be Brave: Name your first crush.
  9. What character from a T.V Show, Movie, or book is similar to your personalty? Briefly explain why. 
  10. What's one advice that you would tell the "old you"? 
  11. What's one catchphrase that you often say?

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