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Now that it is a new year, it's time to let our viewers know what to expect from our blog for the upcoming months.


We will have a new blog post every Wednesday  and  Friday because we know how annoying it can be to come everyday to our blog expecting a brand new post and to only find that the blog hasn't been updated in a week.  If we post on a different day than the one's mention above we will inform you through our social media sites. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin) Make sure you follow us to stay informed. Here's what to expect from the post. 

On Wednesdays, the blog post will be about college life or personal posts. On Fridays the post will consists of entertainment news, such as writing a music review, movie review, or giving our opinion about pop culture. 


The blog will go through a design revamp. So expect a different background than the usual.


We will have more guest blog posts. If you're interested in writing a feature for the blog, please contact us through our email

We hope that you will continue to visit our blog, and thank you for the support so far.

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