My Happily Ever After At 20...

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One of my favorite blog at the moment is The Single Woman by Mandy Hale. I can't recall how I discovered the website, but once I did, I instantly became a fan. At first, I felt as though I didn't fit into the age demographics of the blog because most of the women, who are fans, are in their 30s or 40s. However, their are a few in their 20s  like me, who enjoy reading the blog.  Reading "The Single Woman" shows that being single is very fabulous indeed.

One post that stood out to me was "Your Happily Ever After Won't Look Like Everyone Else's." In the post, Hale tells about a small group of young college girls in their early 20s she see's at Starbucks. The young girls were discussing their plans of being  married and having children by 25. Hale looks at these girls as a reflection of her younger self. She explains how we all paint a picture of how our life suppose to be, but instead life it is filled with obstacles and at time some discouragements, but throughout it all instead of settling for a "Happy Ending," hold on to a "Happy Everything."

My Thoughts:

I agree with her. I'm 20, and I did  have a picture of how I wanted my college life to be. When I first started college, I knew I would get a boyfriend. However, being in college, I haven't came close to a boyfriend. I thought something was wrong with me because every girl around me had guys flirting with them or a boyfriend. I felt sad about it for a while, but now I don't want a boyfriend anymore. Don't get confuse, one day I want a boyfriend, but I'm taking some time to be by myself, which I'm learning to be okay with the idea.

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