5 People You Will Meet In College

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Once in a while you may get the opportunity to meet someone different in college. After being in college for a while, you may realize that some people you've met are similar to others.  After meeting different types of people from all walks of life in college, I became aware of some qualities they may all hold in common. Here are five types of college students you will meet.

You've Changed Your Major... Again!
You've met this person your first semester in college and his major was Business. You meet him again during spring semester his major switches to English. By next fall, his major is changed once again to Graphic Design.

You're Still A Freshman
This one, I'm guilty of. I can't tell you how long I've been a sophomore. I'm finally a junior. These people are like me- take the minimum credit hours and take forever to reach a different classification.

My Parents' Dream
Some college students enter college to please their parents. Their dream may not be majoring in Biology, but they choose it to please their parents. 

Confused About Life
I think every college student will come to a point where he or she is confused about the future. My best advice is to focus on today, and let tomorrow handle itself.

College Dropout
After tackling your first year in school you may come back and notice a lot of people who started with you left. Some may drop out of school because of financial reasons, while others did not keep their grades up.

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