Wonder Girls reveal "DJ is Mine" Video featuring School Gyrls

2:22 PM

It's great to hear the girls comeback with a hot single. "DJ is Mine" is the first single off of the Wonder Girls's new American album which they'll promote along with the release of their new silver screen movie. The song is definitely a change from "Nobody". This is just what they'll need to get back into the Billboard Top 100.

This song is like a revamped version of "The Boy is Mine", but way better. I love how the girls come right back after each other, especially the rap between Sade and Yubin. I did not like that they added auto tune to Sohee's verses. I know it helped to cover up her accent, but I would have loved to her sing without the help of a machine. Thankfully it wasn't over processed and did not kill the song. However, her part could have been switched with another member's to give the song a stronger opening. School Gyrls brought their A game with this song and put up a good battle with the girls. Vocally these girls are amazing and all their members have strong enough voices to combat against WG.

The dubstep beat adds a nice twist to the song and gives it that body rocking factor. Am I the only one ready to see my bias Yenny rock America with her singing and acting skills in this movie? She looks amazing in the clips that we can see in the video, although I'm wondering why anyone would allow the School Gyrls into a club. Don't they look a little too young for all of that?

I'll be rocking this all week! Can't wait to see the movie!

What do you think of the song?

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