Tiffany Evans Reminds You She's Not a Child

12:21 PM

Of course we all may remember Tiffany Evan during her debut singing pop tunes about promise rings, but that little girl has grown into a woman - and she wants everyone to know.
 In her first single release of the year titled "U Got a Woman" , Tiffany delivers an amazing jazzy ensemble letting her beau know that she she's "far from a girl" and she can "get you right". Tiffany sounds amazing in this song, rising and falling with the beat perfectly, and holding on to the listeners ears. "U Got a Woman" is a great way to start off the new year.Tiffany is bringing out all the stops to promote her upcoming EP and it's working. Stay tuned to Ms. Evans, as she's sure to set 2012 on fire. Now sit back, relax,  press play, and let this woman sing to you.

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