Selena Gomez New Tattoo Upsets Many Fans.

11:42 AM

So I guess she's in love. Stupid love. There is no way I would tattoo my boyfriend's name anywhere on my  body. Come on Selena, you're supposed to be older and mature. You will soon learn what a big MISTAKE that was. I wonder has Justin gotten a tattoo of your name? Anyways, some of Selena's fans reacted to the tattoo, including her the craziest one, outspoken Timothydelaghetto. We told you before how he is in love with her, but after seeing that tattoo Timothy was so upset he almost cried. See what he has to say about his soon to be ex-crush Selena Gomez.

Here's a closer look at this shameful and I mean shameful tattoo.Selena we all make mistakes I know you will eventually learn you lesson. We live and learn. I'm not judging you, because we've all done something stupid.


*UPDATE*: Timothydelaghetto can calm down. The tattoo is temporary, but should she make it permanent?

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