Funny Fridays: Teddy's Favorite Youtubers

4:54 AM

Hey guys, guess what! Today is my birthday and I'm one step closer to being a complete full fledged adult! Right now I can get arrested, buy cancer sticks, sign to a house I can't afford, and even move out if I wanted to! Well this Funny Friday post is made of some of my favorite YouTubers. Below you'll find videos from Dormtainment, Swoozie, Ryan Higa, and more. So watch these videos after the break to start your weekend off right.

An encouraging message from Morgan Freeman brought to you by Dormtainment.
What better way to start off your weekend than to hear another tale from my favorite vlogger, Swoozie? That's right, two videos!
Confessions of a Disney Employer Ryan Higa tells you how to win a girl
That's it for now! Hope you all enjoyed and have a great weekend! I know I will! With Love, Teddy

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