My Picks of 2013 Best In Music

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I love listening to music. I can spend the entire day listening to my favorite jams. I gather a list of songs and musicians  in 2013 that either redeem themselves this year or had the best song in 2013. Take a look below.
Song Redemption:  2ne1 "Missing You"
2NE1, in my opinion has not had a great year with music. Those thoughts went south when I saw their performance at the MAMA Award show. I realized "Missing You" song was not bad at all.


Song I Never Thought I would  Like:  Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop"
Before her performance at the VMAs this year, I got infected with a really bad earworm and liked Miley Cyrus's song "We Can't Stop."

     Best Comeback : After School 

Many of you were saying Justin Timberlake had the best music comeback this year. I'll be honest. I was not a fan of Justin's albums this year. I still like him as a singer and performer. To me the best comeback goes to Korean group After School. These girls manage to make stripping on a pole classy.  After Kahi left the group, I lost interest in the group all together. However, their hit singles in Korea and Japan this year got me interested in the group again.

Best Choreography : Kahi "It's Me" and After School "Shh"
Kahi, no matter what Korea tells you about being too old to sing, keep singing girl.  I really want to know who did the choreography to "It's Me", because that's the best choreography I've seen in a while.

                        I know it isn't fair putting After School in another category, but the "Shh" video and choreography brings back the 90s and 80s in a good way.


Just When You Thought Her Career Was Over!
Ciara made all of us shut up after she released her best song since "Promise." "Body Party" was an instant hit, and I'm not surprised by it at all. Congrats Ciara!


Best Marketing: Beyonce'

Although I'm not a fan of Beyonce's latest album, I'll have to give it to her that that was the best marketing plan of 2013. Home girl knew we would buy the album if it was bad or not since we haven't heard music from her all year.

Which artist shined for you in 2013?

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