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While Shannah is wrapping up the things she's learned this year, I'm just making a short list of all my favorite things of 2013. This includes the apps, people, places, and other things I was super into this year. Check it out.

I finally upgraded from my previous flip phone to a smartphone this year so I was able to dabble into apps. My favorite so far has to be the Dodal Launcher, an app that lets you change the theme of your phone. It's free and there are hundreds of really cute themes as well as the Dodal Pop Launcher that let's you customize your ringtones and alarms with a video message from your favorite KPop star.  My other favorites where Tango, a video app kinda like Facetime. This was a life saver, since I hardly ever get to see my boyfriend, this was a great way to talk face to fave. I recommend this for anyone in a LDR. Lastly would be Instagram. I see why people can find this one so addicting.

I saw a lot of movies this yea, but there were only a few of them that really stuck out to me. One  was Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I only recently saw this year. 
Shannah has been writing about this movie for a while now and I finally got a chance to see it this year and boy-it is really worth the hype! I really have to read the book now. 

For some reason I watched way more horror/suspense movies and my favorite one has to be Insidious 2. This was a great follow up to the first film. And helped answer a lot of questions from the first film.I was on the edge of my seat with excitement (and fear) when I saw this movie. I will say that The Conjuring was a good film as well. 

The Great Gatsby was another movie I enjoyed that I really wasn't planning to. I didn't care much for the book in high school (well, I technically didn't read the books thanks to Spark Notes) but the film really did drive home the themes of love, desire, and the stress to have it all.

TV shows
If you've followed us on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen me live chatting about Scandal with my fellow Gladiators on Thursday night. I love this show, and there are so many twists and turns with each new episode. My other favorite was ABC Family's The Foster's. I really wasn't expecting to like this show when it first aired and I saw the previews. But the show was really good with a very complex storyline and I can't wait to see it return again in January. 

Speaking of January returns, Being Mary Jane will return to BET as a new original series. I enjoyed the movie and really want to know what happens next, especially  to see what she plans to do with that sperm! 

I wasn't able to get into American Horror Story's earlier seasons, but the latest season Coven has me hooked! It is a little more gory than the shows I usually watch, but it does keep your attention. I love seeing Angela Bassett play a villain!
Being a tourist in Boston on the 4th of July

Favorite places
I basically got a grand tour of the New England area this summer and loved it! I can really see myself living in the North East in the future -at least for the summer. My favorite cities to visit were Boston, Washington D.C., and New York City.


I actually started to listen to more albums instead of singles this year and I'm really loving Jhene Aoki's mixtape Sailing Souls. Another favorite was Electric Lady by Janelle Monae. I adore Janelle and was really pleased with this album. Ariana Grande has been slaying this year with her 90s fueled tracks and I love her latest solo album. I am really looking forward to more of her work and how she will grow in her next tree album.  My last favorite album of the year was Beyoncé by Beyoncé. This was the biggest surprise of the year for me and I think the visual and audio albums are amazing. My top favorite songs include Partition, Blow, and XO. 

Okay, I am done rambling for now. I hope you enjoyed my 2013 favorites and I will see you all next year!  What were you're favorite things of 2013.

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