It's the Best Time to Buy a Striped Sweater

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The heat is rising, meaning it's the perfect time to go out and stock up on jeans and sweaters. That’s right ladies, this is the perfect time to go out and grab all those winter sweaters, knits, and jeans if you haven't already. I'm offering where to look and what to shop for so you'll be cute and warm when the cold weather comes back in town.

This is the best time to go shopping for your winter and fall wardrobe because you'll get the best prices for them. Many stores are desperate to sell their winter clothes to make room for their summer clothes. So hit those clearance racks up and buy,buy, buy.

What do you need
Are you missing a snug sweater dress? Want to grab a few cute scarfs? Or do you just need a simple
sweater that you can wear with anything? Whatever you need, write it down so you'll remember to be on the lookout for it when you're shopping. This will keep you focused so you won't go wandering off too far in the store.

Make a budget
Most, if not all, of winter clothes are marked extremely low right now. With these low prices, it's easy to go a bit overboard and spend more than you wanted. Set a price that you don't want to go over and stick to it. You don't want to spend too much on clothes that you won't be able to wear right away.

The Price is Right
Some stores will try to get every dime they can get for their merchandise and still have prices that are just too high. Many stores carry the same if not similar merchandise and you may be able to find a better deal elsewhere. But always ask an associate for a price check if you think that an item is marked wrong.

Go inside
Pre-shopping online is a must, but sometimes the online price and the in-store price will differ. Check to see if anything you like is cheaper at your local store. Some stores will adjust the price for you if you let them know (Pro Tip: Bring proof) . You can also check to see if clothes will fit or are as cute in person.

Will this be in style?
Let's be honest-some things are on clearance for a good reason. Just because that bedazzled, acid dyed, faux fur jacket is on sale for $5 doesn't mean that you need it in your closet. Trying out different styles on the low low is cool, but your money is better lying in your wallet if you know that there's a slim chance you'll actually wear that jacket your eyeing. Don't let the low price blind you.  Go for items that fit your style and you know you'll wear.  If it's going to stay in your closet, then it's better left on the rack.

Keep all your receipts and ask the store their return policy on clearance items. Just in case you change your mind on something. If you have anything to add, leave a comment below. Happy shopping!

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  1. So true! I love shopping off season!! My favorite store to shop for off-season clothing is Macy's. I always find tons of stuff that is on the low low!! ;)

    1. I don't live too close to Macy's, but big department stores seem to have the best clearance prices and merchandise. I love shopping at JCPenny's and am really getting into stores like Rue 21 and Wet Seal that have cute winter clothes that can easily transition into Spring.

  2. I try to shop off season as much as possible. It's great!



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