Don't Be Lost With Love Like Jenna From "Awkward"

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I was happy for Jenna after the second season of Awkward. She finally got the boy she fell in love with, Matty. For those of you that are unfamiliar with their relationship here's a recap.
Jenna lost her virginity to the popular boy Matty, and afterward the two were sex buddies. Jenna

wanted more than sex, but since she was the unpopular girl in high school, she didn't know how to build a relationship with Matty, other than sex . Eventually she and Matty begin dated, after she dated his friend, Jake. Now, in the third season, the two are such a cute couple. Of course they had ups and downs, but I liked them together. For the record, I was team Jake.  During the third season finale, Jenna cheated on Matty with the dreamy guy, Colin, in her creative writing class.

 I was  upset because I liked Jenna, but now it seems like she only cares about herself. I understand that she's young and wants to have fun, but she had the guy she always wanted. It made me wonder, how many girls have boyfriends and take them for granted? I was rooting for Jenna and Matty because, it's nice to see the popular guy date the awkward unpopular girl. Maybe the saying is true that you really need to find yourself before you get in a relationship. Although Jenna thought she had what she wanted, it wasn't enough. For the young high school girls, be smart when you date. Remember, you don't have to date every guy that shows interest in you; learn to be by yourself first, and pick a guy wisely.


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