Cheers To The Losers In High School

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Now that I'm in college, I sometimes think of the old me; the girl in high school who was known by name, but not much else. Its been two years since I graduated, and I sometimes wonder what people at high school thought of me.
  When I first entered college, I thought I would not fit in because I did not fit in with anyone in high school, except a small group of people.  I recounted to this guy in college about  not being the most popular girl in school. I guess he was surprise. In fact, many people  in college like my style and looks, but in high school no one treated me that way. For a moment, I felt like the "it" girl. In high school, I assumed people thought of me as weird. Now, I come to the conclusion that I wasn't weird.

 I want you all to know that when you enter college let go of your insecurities. So what, if you were not voted homecoming queen or did not date in high school because that doesn't define you. You should enter college and think of yourself as different. Your college friends may not ever know that you were a dork or a nobody in high school, they may view you completely different than your high school friends.  Smile, do your best, and let the past stay in the past.


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