Styling Problems: Cute Clothes, No Style

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L:Roll out of bed look R: a bit more effort

I got a reality check last week when my boyfriend bluntly told me I don’t have style. I was going on about what my favorite style looks were and tried to figure out what category I belonged in : girly, sporty or prep. when he dropped the bomb, “You have cute clothes, but that doesn't mean you have style." Ouch.
Of course I argued with him and defended myself, but slowly I realized he was right.My daily style is pretty much lazy (as he calls it). I’ll roll out of bed and throw on a t-shirt, jeans, and  shoes and call it a day. Despite having lots of really cute fashionable clothing, I’m hardly ever stylish because I don’t wear them.

I've got a bit of color in my wardrobe, but hardly ever wear them
Of course I have excuses good reasons why I default to my lazy style. Sometimes the weather’s not right. Other times it’s my hair, or it’s a Monday, or I just don’t have the right accessories for the look. Then there’s the most common excuse: I just don’t feel like it.

It made me realize that I have too many clothes in my closet that I don’t wear, meaning my hard earned money is going to waste. That conversation made me realize I need to work out this problem.

The easiest way to solve it now is actually preparing my outfits beforehand. That way I don’t have to waste time matching clothes together, or second guessing an outfit. So when I don’t feel like putting in the effort in the morning, I can just put on something to be effortlessly cute.This will also help me weed out all the lone items I have that I never managed to get the right shoe or top for. These will either got to charity, or finally find a match.

The second goal would be to actually shop for outfits instead of buying individual items. I've spent too much time shopping for a top, promising to find something that matches it later, but never doing so. Getting a look prepared while I’m shopping will help me avoid that problem in the future. If I can’t find the perfect outfit then and there, I don’t need to buy it.

The last thing would be to get rid of all the clothes that I know I don’t wear and don’t intend on wearing again. Like this one denim jacket I’ve had since 8th grade and never got around to DIYing like I’d planned. Hopefully, this plan works and I’ll be able to put all those unworn clothing to good use soon. Wish me luck!

Do any of you have this same problem?

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  1. Yes I have this same problem-- I have style --well at least I use to have style till I moved to LA and had another baby--now I'm boring and too casual-- but I'm learning to combine my old unique/structured/ boyish style with my new Mommie style. IT's a work in progress

    1. Yes, it's a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by!


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