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Have you ever heard a song off a singers album and thought that if only this song would be  released as a single then it would be an instant hit? I know I have. There are plenty of songs that I've heard and sometimes wondered, "why isn't this being played on the radio," because it seems like it could top all of the music charts. For whatever reason singers do not release some song that would probably become a smash hit. I gathered a list of songs that I think are underrated.

 To start the list off we have the King of Pop himself Micheal Jackson.

The title of the song is "Can't Help It," and I cannot help but fall in love with this song. The song comes off his Off The Wall album, and when you listen to it, you cannot help but instantly feel relaxed. It is soothing and it makes you think about sitting by a fireplace and drinking coffee.

We've all had many crushes before. I myself had my share of crushes, most of which I was too afraid to tell. In Ciara's song "Crush," she expresses some of the feelings that we get when we are crushing on someone. When I first heard this song, I thought instant hit because anyone can relate to it.

Okay, this song is pretty witty. Ladies have you every dated a guy and later looked back and said "What the heck was I thinking"? Well Katy Perry sure knows what that feeling is like. Her song "Ur So Gay," talks about how she cannot understand how she even fall in love with a guy like her ex.

Rihanna is not my favorite artist, but I must admit this has to be one of her most underrated songs. "Breaking Dishes" is a song that talks about how women wait for their men to come home, and sometimes wonder "Why is he taking so long to come home"? "Is he cheating? Man I don't know", are some of the lyrics in the song. As Rihanna waits for her man to come home, she starts to break dishes in the house. Very funny song, and this was before her relationship with Chris Brown in case you're wondering.

This next song comes from who I think is an underrated artist. India Arie's "I am not my Hair" has such a powerful message to it, and I feel that it should have been a much bigger hit than it was.

This next song was actually banned for being too explicit. It comes from G-Dragon and Top's album. "Don't Go Home." I love the 70's feel to this song. It makes me think of something that would be played at a skating rink.

Long before she sung  about having a "Bad Romance," she once sung about her wonderful relationship. "Wonderful" is one of my favorite songs by Lady Gaga.

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