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It's been a while since I last heard a new single from Karina Passion. Other than doing a few covers, like Frank Ocean's "Forever", I hadn't even know she was churning out new music. But a quick check up brought me up to date on her latest projects, including her new single.

 The Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/pianist, who is widely known for her debut single "16 @ War" and "Slow Motion", caught my ear when she first debuted. She was being hailed as the young Alicia Keys thanks to her singing and piano skills,  and set apart by her ability to speak in multiple languages at such a young age. It's been a while since I've heard anything new from the singer, so finding out about this video was a real treat.

Pasian has gifted fans with a new laid back single called "It's Whatever". The song is a departure from Karina's usual subjects of love, longing, and young life. Here Karina is laid back and chill wearing basketball shorts and a tank top, singing about how she  wishes she could do. Here Karina reveals her chill side to fans, reminding them that she's just like them: longing for a break, and wishing for lazy days. The video is a perfect match for the song, with a continuous shot of Karina running around the studio being silly.

Karina is still working in the studio and released an EP titled "Trips to Venus" in December 2011. Can't wait to see what she gives us next.

Watch the video, and be sure to keep up with Karina on Twitter! While you're there, follow The SLS too. You can also purchase her EP on iTunes.


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