Study help! Tips To Keep you Sane During Exams!

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For many of us, the time for finals and exams are quickly approaching. Being college students, we at The SLS know the feeling. So in preparation for upcoming final exams, we've listed a few things that you should do to help you destress and do your best in the upcoming weeks!

Grab Some Friends!

You don't have to face exam day alone - so why not grab a few of your friends or classmates for a study day. This will help you stay focused on your work, and you all can work together. Who knows, one of your buddies may help you with a problem that's got you stuck!

Work Out! 

Studying for exams can be stressful, so why not relieve that stress by getting busy? Try going out for a nice walk around campus or your neighborhood -you'll appreciate the fresh air. If you and your friends are studying together, then turn on the Wii to play some games during your study break. Hopefully you'll be having more of a workout than the guys in the picture above.


Make sure you have a nice snack handy while you're studying away.Stay away from too many sweets such as candy, or junk food. The sugar rush these snacks will give you are fleeting, so eat fruits and veggies for energy that will last a lot longer. I recommend eating snacks high in protein like peanuts (okay, you can add a few M&Ms in if you want).  Don't forget to eat breakfast the day of the exam so you'll be fueled and ready to go! You can go to to find some great recipes for a quick snack.


One of the most important things to do before an exam is to sleep. I know you' want to cram in a few more notes before the big day, but make sure that you catch some Zzzs. This will leave you fully re-energized for the day. Sleeping will let your body and mind rest so you'll be refreshed to take your exam. If for some reason you can't get a full night's rest take short naps instead.

Play Music! 

Nothing gets me in the mood to slay a test than listeningto my favorite tunes. I recommend listening to an empowering song while getting ready for class, or on you're way in. Anything with a fast beat and uplifting/inspiring message is recommended (meaning  Melanie Fiona won't work). Try songs like "I am the Best" - 2NE1, "Survivor" - Destiny Child, "Go Get It"- MaryMary, or whatever makes you feel like you're on top of the world.

Those are all the tips I have for you. If you anything else to add, drop us a comment. Good luck on your final exams guys!

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