Tupac Shakur Makes Special Appearance at Coachella

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Tupac is - back!?

Fans attending Coachella over the weekend had an unexpected surprise as special guest paid a surprise performance to fans. Lots of fans were speechless as they wondered whether or not their eyes were playing tricks on them. Surely Tupac Shakur was not on stage. Well they were right, in a sense.
To all of the skeptics out there Tupac is not alive, but a holograph image of the rapper was produced to perform some of his greatest hits aided by his friend Snoop Dogg last night at Coachella. The image looks very convincing upclose, but when the holograph is performing alongside Snoop, you can see the differences.


The idea of creating musical holographs isn't new. All the 90s babies may remember the Disney movie "Pixel Perfect" that proposed the same concept of a holographed pop star, or you may have heard of Japan's favorite hologram or vocaloid Hatsune Miku who is soon to perform in New York. According to MTV News, creating something a comparable hologram could cost "$100,000 to more than $400,000 to pull off". Now that the music industry knows that they can do the Lazarus effect on their favorite artist, I'm sure more of the late great music legends will start having comeback tours after the grave.

 Fans are already hitting up forums and blogs naming artists from The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as the next artists to be holographed. I'm sure Diddy is working on a way to up this and create a BIG Reunion concert.

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