BigBang Return with a very "Blue" Video

9:34 PM

That is right ladies and gentlemen, BigBang is BACK! Here is their first music video from their comeback album entitld "Blue". It's wonderful to see the boys back on the scene, especially considering all the drama they've been facing during their break. The past year has been a year full of legal and emotional drama with leader GDragon being in the mist of drug rumors, and Daeseung being accused of killing a man during a car accident.

The video was shot in New York (you Northerners get all the fun) and features the guys sporting all new looks. Seungri looks like Spock from Star Trek thanks to all of the hair gel. TOP used Smurf blood for hair dye (apparently he and Katy Perry have the same stylish).
GD looks as if he glued a blonde block onto his hair. As always, Taeyang looks like he changed the least, this time returning with a spiked mohawk.

The video is cool, but I am patiently waiting on YG to hire a sistah for one these videos. Enjoy the video and tell me what you think!

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