Remembering Whitney

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(Originally published in TeddyChanTastical!)
I know that this blog is primarily about Kpop and I rarely ever post anything that doesn't have something to do with Asian culture, but this post is a major exception. Last night America's greatest singing voice Whitney Houston was found dead at 48.
I was working when I heard the news. A few customers were talking about it, but I assumed it was all just a rumor. There are always false reports of a famous celebrity dying and I just assumed this was just one of those. That's when my customer showed CNN on her phone with the headline. Saying I was shocked was an understatement. Here was a legend who had just over come her battle with drug addiction, was preparing to come out with a movie and was still making moves in the industry and seemed to be doing alright was now dead. No more live performances, new CDs, concerts, tours, or anything else.

I was too young to recount my first encounters with Whitney's music, but I was raised knowing and singing her music. My mom had all her albums and would blast her cds on any day loud enough for the whole block to hear. Anyone passing along the streets could hear Whitney belting out "I will Always Love You"  in her infamous high not - one that I would always try to imitate but never get. I remember rewinding our vhr tape of "Prince of Egypt" just to hear her sing a duet with Mariah, watching her perform in "Waiting to Exhale", and jamming to her songs with my family. Whitney Houston leaves a crater  that can never be filled. Her voice defined a decade of music and and her work will never get old.

I'll be watching the Grammy's tonight to see how they'll honor our latest passing legend.
My prayers go to Whitney's family. RIP Whitney Houston. Your fans will always love you.

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