SUNZOO 'On & On'

10:35 PM

I dare you to listen to this song without bobbing your head! This is the 2nd music video released from Sunzoo, the new international rap group created by Korea's favorite hip-hop couple Drunken Tiger JK and Tasha. What I like about this song is that there is no auto tune, no gimmicks, or overly computerized beats. The focus is on the artist and their music, which is a strange concept to hear in today's music world. They do a great job throwing in the Korean lyrics without leaving those who don't know the language feeling left out. I encourage you all to check out this amazing group and stay tuned for more of their music. I've also added their latest music video for your enjoyment as well.

*Corrections: This article originaly posted "On&ON" as the latest from Sunzoo, when in fact it was the 2nd release from the group and not their latest work. Sorry for the mix up and thanks to @Rachira for the notice!

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