Introducing Jay Park

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        You may have seen his covers of "Nothing on You" and "6'7"" on Youtube, but Jay park is no rookie when it comes to music. The 23 year-old was once apart of 2pm, a popular Korean boy band, before being cut after some online posts he made online were misinterpreted. Park returned to his home town of Seattle, Washington, but decided things were not yet over for him.
        Determined not to lay down and let his dreams die, Park went to work. He made sure his fans didn't forget about him by keeping in touch with his fans with his YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook page. He made
covers of popular American songs, and even incorporated some of his own songs while he worked on his solo project. Now after being absent from the Korean music scene for nearly two years, Park is back with his first solo album Take a Deeper Look. 
       Within one week Park was able to sell over 50000 units, becoming the third most popular album in the world. He also claimed the number one spot on Korean music charts. Park may be getting use to his return, but it seems he isn't going to keep his talents in Korea. If rumors are true, Park may be setting his eyes on American debut, possibly with the help of from the Black Eyed Peas.

Check out Jay Park's music below.

6'7'' Remix

Nothing on You


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