Justin Bieber has Peter Pan Swag

11:37 PM

Justin Bieber's new fragrance "Someday"
Justin Bieber is back again with a new treat for the ladies. The teen sensation is releasing a new fragrance called :Someday" . He first premiered with a line of nail polish, and now he is revealing a new fragrance called "Someday". Promotions for his new fragrance have fans and those on the internet knighting him with "Peter Pan Swag".
The video shows a girl using the perfume only to have Justin Bieber appear in her room and suddenly the two are flying and twirling in the air (maybe Pixy dust is one of the ingredients).  One fan tweeted "Lmao yahoo says @justinbieber looks like a swagged out Peter Pan in the #someday commercial". Bieber retweeted the fan and later shared that "swagged out peter pan" " . "Someday" will be able to purchase June 20. Watch the new commercial below and tell us what you think. Does Bieber remind you of Peter Pan ?

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