Lecrae Gets Questioned by Fans

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Christian rap artist Lecrae has a new interview with Essence.com. The Grammy winning artist answers questions about Christian hip hop, the industry, and more. Before you head over to read his interview, check out this Q&A session Lecrae hosted with his fans on Twitter. Remember, twitter only allows 140 characters in
each tweet, meaning his responses where usually short, and weren't too focused on grammar/spelling. 

Okay tweeps bout to take a sec and answer some questions before the game. Ready...aim...fire.

 @mannyavila:  What do you see yourself doing after hip-hop.
Lecrae: Runin a label, leadin a family/ leadin a movement, makin disciples/

@Andy_Gonz_14: What scripture are you closest/most focused on right now?
Lecrae: Ephesians the whole chapter 2

@callmejroyal: Is there going to be a part 3 to the rehab album?
Lecrae: Should there be?

@hamsterchaser52:  Has there ever been a time where u lost focus?
Lecrae: I am certain I will always b uncertain so I stay close 2 Jesus

 @TeddyChanTastic (This is ME!): Is there something you haven't done that you want to do soon?
Lecrae: A biblical tour of Israel

@LloydJr_3: what does #fb mean?
Lecrae: It sends tweets to my Facebook page.

@stephenvstrex: When God is silent, how should we approach the situation.
Lecrae: Lamentations 3:25 waiting on God purifies our ambitions

@prettyboi_116: When does man up come out
Lecrae: This summer!!!

@amandamcclure:  Favorite Tedashii song from new album?
Lecrae: Bravo ft @JPaulSings (J.Paul)

@blaron23: How and when did you realize that music was your calling?
Lecrae: I was passionate 4 it, community endorsed it/ God used it

@candancemh: Do u always feel like getting up early to have quiet time with God?
Lecrae: I hate waking up. But I NEED time w/ God.

 @PastorBCraps: What do you do when u not doing ministry? What is ur favorite hobby?
Lecrae: Reading books, watching documentaries

@lacismidjet: Was your quote about what Obama said a joke?
Lecrae: Ask Obama

 @ambiniBOOM: has God led you to a female to add to the reach squad?
Lecrae: still looking!

 @DavidEnyart: How do you approach reading God's word?
Lecrae: Read Gordon Fee "How to Read the Bible for all it's Worth" it's great!

@gracecreation: Is the new 116 Clique album coming out soon?
Lecrae: Get @Tedashii's album first! Out on iTunes now!

@brandongradelle: ever study open theism? What do you think
Lecrae: I think it makes God out to be less Psalm 139 untrue. No sir!

 @ThatRadioDude:  favorite actor?
Lecrae: @AmIshoBaraka (Amisho Baraka)

@littlegizze: Do you see yourself ever making a song with @tenthavenorth (Tenth Avenue North)?
Lecrae: If they love me enough.

@JorgeR116: What is it like making music for God and knowing He's using it to touch lives???
Lecrae: Scary and humbling. Who am I?!!

@Abbyisanoob:  how did you feel about the may 21st Rapture
Lecrae: I missed the rapture?!!

@MrsEthiErr: Lakers??????;)
Lecrae: Stop cursing at me.

RT @jaredcwilson: @lecrae You up for a rap battle track with @fakejohnpiper
Lecrae: Let's go! He don't want none of this.

RT @XLgbogboade: when u fall, its kinda hard to talk to God, how do u make dat come back?
Lecrae: Psalm 51

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