Most annoying things about LDRs

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You already know surviving a Long Distance  Relationship is possible as long as both people are eventually willing to make it work. But just because it can work doesn't mean that it's not frustrating to keep up. There are always people around you that  make your relationship worse than it is. Then trying to spend time together are just a few of the many frustrations I've had with my LDR. I talked with The BF last night and we started listing the things about LDRs that we both hated.

The Distance
Duh! Of course this is the most annoying part of any LDR. You don't get to see your other half when you want to Without some serious planning.

It’s all about the Money, Money, Money

LDRs are expensive! All the money that you spend on one visit and everything you do while you’re together can sometimes add up. I think we have spent more on one visit together than some couples do in a month.

Needy People
Friend: "OMG, I haven't seen Patrick in two hours! I miss him so much!
Me: "I haven't seen my boyfriend in 2 months."

Happy Couples
Singles aren't the only ones who hate Valentine's day. Seeing happy couples around all the time turns you into an instant grinch. Hanging out with your friends and their bf/gf makes you feel more alone than you already are.

Selective Amnesia
"Why aren't you dating someone? I saw this cute guy I think you'll like." These are usually questions from well-meaning friends who seem to forget that I have a boyfriend. Which doesn't surprise me since a lot of my friends have only heard of The BF but never seen him in the flesh. And once you’re seen around campus without a guy for so long, people start to assume you’re single.

This goes with the selective amnesia. If people only hear you talking about your other half, but never actually get to meet him/her in person,  they’ll start to think you’re faking it. A lot of The BF’s coworkers actually thought I was fake, despite the pictures of us together on his phone. I actually had to talk to one of them to prove I was real.

These are the people who are always asking you why you even try to make your relationship work and don't think you two will make it. These are also usually the people who have already gone thrown a dozen unsuccessful relationships themselves and don’t want to settle down. It’s really hard to tell these guys not to screw off.

No Vacations
Just because The BF finally comes back home for the first time in three months doesn't mean the world is going to stop, no matter how much I want it to. You're still going to work odd hours and teachers aren't going to extend the deadline of your next paper. Even when you want to do nothing but cuddle and binge on Netflix together, your conflicting schedule is going to put all that on hold.

Friends vs Boyfriends
Some of my close friendsgo to school out of town, and they usually come home right when The BF comes home. It’s always a toss up to see which one I’ll actually be hanging out with, but someone always loses in the end. And I’m kinda sad to say it’s usually the friend.

So I DON’T Creep. Yeahhhh
I have actually had a few people try to push me to do a little creeping (cheating) since The BF would never know. Which is really sad and shameful on their part (some of them where in relationships themselves) but this is an option that I would never do. If I knew what I was getting to when we first started dating. Besides, if I wanted someone else, I’d just dump him and move on.

Are you in a Long distance relationship? What are your most annoying things about LDR's?

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  1. This is spot on!! I was in a LDR for about 2 years once, this explains everything that was an issue with our LDR!!

    1. Thank you for understanding and dropping by Ellie!

  2. Too true. I've been with my husband for over 10 years, if you include the years we dated before marriage. And I'm pretty sure there are family members that still think I'm making him up as they've never actually met him! We have been physically together for several years now, but we haven't returned to our hometown (and don't plan to) so it hasn't been verified.

    1. LOL that's hilarious! I guess they'll just have to use pictures as the only proof! Thanks for stopping by Brittany!

  3. I had a long distance relationship that resulted in a happy marriage in my city. There were challenges but it worked out in the end.

    1. Glad to see everything worked out and had a happy ending!Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

  4. All of these are so true! I would hate it when people would complain about not seeing/spending enough time with their SO. Of course we dealt with the naysers as well! I was in one for a year and in December, I moved 3,000 miles across country for him, a new job and a new life. We live together and I don't regret it!

    1. That's great to hear! I'm pretty sure I'll b having to make a move soon and this just helps to reassure me. Thanks for stopping by Gloria!

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  6. I'm soon to be in an LDR. Whenever I hear the thoughts of other LDR's I always feel comforted, like a hug :) I'm a fellow Her Campus blogger!
    Summer Blogger Freebie!

    1. Nice to meet you sweetie, and hope eveything works out for the best!


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