Sh*t People Say About My Natural Hair

6:29 PM

My fluffy mane in all of its glory
I've been natural for about three years, and I've been happy about my decision for the most part.  Although I love my black cotton mane, not everyone seems to like it. I  have gotten some negative feedback from people around me about it. I take it mostly with a grain of salt, but decided it would be fun to list them all- kind of like a late add on to the "Sh*t People Say to Naturals" tag on YouTube in blog form. Here are just a few of the comments I've had about my natural hair.

"Are you natural? That looks like it hurts."- a customer
My hair was in an afro. It could not have hurt anymore than getting that sew in installed.

"Why are all these girls wearing short hair? Are they, you know ...funny*?" -an older woman woman at freshman orientation. *read: gay

"How do you get your hair to look so nappy?" - a customer. She said she was going natural and wanted texture like mine.

"What's up with the hair? Is this some sort of political protest or something?" -My English professor, I kinda cut him some slack because he wasn't American.

"Why are you going natural? Are you really doing it or just following a fad?" -customer

"Why does your hair look like that? Are you gonna do it?" -My 4 year old cousin after seeing my fro for the first time

"What is she trying to do? She looks like a knock off Erykah Badu" -A customer to her bf.

"Can I touch your hair?" and  "I'm glad I don't have to do that with my hair!" - a Russian friend watching my pre-sleep process

"Black power!"- my sister every time I'm wearing black

I am pretty sure I'll come up with a dozen more after this post is published. But the negative comments I have gotten are nothing compared to the women and men who compliment my hair and encourage me to keep on. Including my boyfriend who loves it!

Are you natural? What's the craziest thing you've been asked or heard about your hair?

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  1. Political protest? Oh good grief. These people have no filters between their brains and their mouths I guess. I think your hair looks great.

    1. I forget what country he is from, but I was stuck when he asked me that. I guess he saw a lot of movies about the black power movement a few decades ago.

  2. Whaaat? I love your hair! Maybe they're complaining about it because they expect the grass to be greener on the other side. (They're totally secretly jealous of your confidence).

  3. Tons of people are so ignorant about natural hair. In general, tact has gone out the window.

    1. Yes it has. Hopefully these people learn. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love this, gifs FTW! I can't believe the crap people say about this.. so insane!

    1. I think the same thing, but I just take it that people aren't used to it. But their questions/delivery could be much better.

  5. The positive comments are the ones that matter! People need to be worried about their own hair and not concern themselves or comment on what you do with yours. Keep it up! It's beautiful!

  6. I love your hair! My hair is thick and curly, and gets really frizzy when I brush it, but I don't care. Don't worry about what other people say. Found your blog from the #bloggerPJParty and following along! :)

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts


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