My Music Binge

9:35 AM

I can binge on music for days and lately these  are the little gems that have been stuck on replay in my house. And yes, there are a few non English tracks in the mix, but I dare you to give them all a spin before casting them off to the side. Believe me, you'll  thank me later.

The Internet -DontCha

The first time I heard Syd the Kyd sing, I wasn't too thrilled. She had a nice voice, yea. But there was nothing that really brought me into her music oto stick with it. Now she's apart of The Internet and their song "DontCha" is just what I needed to want more from her. I love the flow, the lyrics, and her voice is perfect for a song like this. I know it's kind of old, but if you haven't heard of this song, you will love it.

Phantom- New Era

So I chose to list the audio only video for this song since it was hard to ignore the half naked girl working the pole in the official video and just pay attention to the song. Anyway, "New Era" is the first that I've heard from Korean group Phantom and I'm really digging this one. The whistles, snapping, and smooth voices of Navi and the members make this a repeat on my list. I'm constantly playing it because the melody always pops up into my head at the most random moments.

Michelle Lee - Without You

Bi-racial Kpop star Michelle Lee recently released this beautiful number a few days ago. The song, called "Without You" is telling a boy that she is still beautiful and worthy despite not being with him or having his approval. But ultimately, this song can be applied to any and everyone who has shunned or criticized her for being half black in Korea. I almost cried watching this song, not only because of the message, but I can relate to her feelings since I have been teased for my dark skin tone. I recommend watching this video on YouTube with the Closed Caption on to fully understand the message.


Drake - All Me ft 2 Chainz and Big Sean

I am not a Drake fan, but I really like this song! Well it could be the catchy beat, the lyrics, or the fact that every radio station seems to play this song at the same exact time everyday that makes me like it. Either way, it does get me hyped up in the morning when I'm making my way towards class. BTW, this is the explicit version, so mind your co-workers!

So, what do you think about the songs I picked? What songs have you been listening to?

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