2NE1's "Crush" Album Review

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2ne1 finally released their second full length album Crush.It's been three years since their last full length album and I think every 2ne1 fan jump for joy when the album dropped. I will admit that I was disappointed when I heard Crush. I just didn't see a hit song from the album. The title track "Crush" was okay, but it's nothing compared to their smash hit "I am the Best."

After giving much thought, I realized that I've never liked 2ne1 for their music. I only like them because of their style and how different they are compared to other Korean groups. Their first album,To Anyone, wasn't the best either. In fact, it took me a long time to appreciate the album. After seeing 2ne1 perform the songs and watching their videos, To Anyone became a classic.

I think their new album may take some time for me to enjoy, similar to the first album. Here are my top 3 songs from the album.

1. Baby I Miss You

It's a slow song, but I really enjoy it from the second the beat drop. The song is always on repeat.


2. Come Back Home

This song took a moment for me to really appreciate. I didn't like the electro part that Dara sings because it didn't fit with the rest of the song, after a second listen I am loving it.


3. Good To You

Another slow song, but I can't help it. Their slow songs are better on this album.  Minzy's voice is smooth like silk, and Dara shines in this song as well.

P.S. I also like CL's solo "Mental Breakdown".

What are your favorite songs from the album? Comment below. 

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