Iggy Azalea Featuring T.I "Change Your Life" MV

9:30 AM

I'm obsessed with Iggy's latest song "Change your Life." This weekend, I had nothing to study for which is a huge relief for me. Since I had nothing to do, I pulled a Bruno Mars and had a lazy day. Sometimes it feels so good to be lazy for a day.

Anyway,  I've heard about Iggy's newest song, but I never got a chance to listen to it other than this weekend. At first, I didn't like it, but after listening to it 30 times, I found my favorite song for the week.  The video shows a lot of nipples which shocked me. I'm guessing everyone is trying to pull  a Robin Thicke inspired video by showing off their breast. T.I did a good job with his feature in the song as well. My favorite line from the song is when Iggy sings "Once you go great, you'll never go good, you'll never go back even if you could. I'll show my way. I got that good good." I just love her sassy attitude. See if you like the song too. Enjoy!

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