"The Butler" Movie Review

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Not many of my friends wanted to see The Butler. Apparently watching a movie about slavery and the Civil Rights Movement is too much for some people. I wanted to watch it because I wanted to see a part of history I never knew about. I've heard about the Freedom Riders and slavery, but I never read or saw stories about the domestic work of African Americans in the past. For those of you that hate watching movies that tell the brutal stories about slavery and Civil Rights Movement, I guarantee you that The Butler is not too harsh.

Sure there are parts in the movie that will make you turn your head. In one scene, the Freedom Riders had to sit in at a diner. It was hard to watch because I wondered would I have been one of the African-Americans back in the day who fought for equal rights like they did in the movie. The main character, Cecil Gaines, played by Forest Whittaker, often argues with his son, Louis Gaines, played by David Oyelowo, about being a Freedom Rider and fighting for equal rights for African American. Cecil, who was also the butler at the White House for 34 years,  saw his son's stubbornness was unnecessary and to accept the "separate but equal" laws the way it was. Cecil thought fighting against the law would end his son's life and would not solve anything.  Despite the "hard to look at scenes" , there were plenty of laughs in the movie. Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character, Carter Wilson, had the audience laughing out loud with his crazy, sexual jokes. Oprah Winfrey, who plays Forest Whittaker's wife, shines in the movie as well. Her character, Gloria Gaines, was sassy and funny. Don't be deceived because  she kept things in line at the household. The one thing that  remained with me after the movie ended was the major change in history over the years. It amazed me how one man, Cecil Gaines, was able to be apart and witness the major shift in American history.

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