Four Shows I Can't Stop Watching

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Thanks to my busy schedule, my time in front of the TV has gone down drastically. Instead of watching TV I’m spending my time doing school work, blogging, or just working in general. Despite having so much on my plate, I have been able to find a little time to entertain myself. I’ve found some great TV series that I’m really enjoying and tune into every week.

Pretty Little Liars
If you don't already know, I've been obsessed with Pretty Little Liars since it's release back in 2010, and I tune every week to see what happens next. The show follows friends Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna as they try to find out who murdered their best friend, Ali, and discover the true identity of their tormentor known only as A. This season has already given us lots of surprises and new clues to who's apart of the A Team.
  Although I'm eager to find out who all is plotting against the girls, I also tune in for the girls' amazing style. From the looks of all the fashion blogs the show has inspired, I'm not the only one. Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday nights on ABC Family.

Real Husbands of Hollywood

If you remember the Real Husband of Hollywood spoofs that aired on the 2011 BET Awards, then you’ll be happy to learn that the short has actually been turned into a legit show. The RHOH is a spoof of the Real Housewives shows that have gained popularity over the years. The cast includes big names such as Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Boris Kudjoe, Duane Martin, Robin Thicke, and JB Smooth who all play themselves. Nothing is left off the table when the jokes come out. From family, expenses, careers, and business ventures. Nothing the men are a part of is safe from the ridicule of their friends (well, mainly Kevin). This show is one that can’t be missed. Real Husbands of Hollywood airs Tuesday nights on BET.

After hearing all the buzz about Scandal from friends and on Twitter, I had to see if it was worth the hype. I watched one episode, and now I'm hooked. My favorite part of the show is hands down Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington. Pope take charge attitude and her awesome job as a “fixer” is amazing. The only thing Ms. Pope can’t seem to really get a handle is her affair with President Fitzpatrick. I’m loving the show and can’t wait to see how this season’s new developments will play out. Scandal airs Thursday nights on ABC.


I actually just caught up on Deception this past weekend, but I'm already loving Deception. The show stars Meagan Good as Joanna , an LAPD officer who goes undercover to solve the murder of her best friend. As the case moves on, more mysteries about the Bower family arise. The show is a bit more action oriented than my other picks, and Good looks natural in her role as Joanna (and it’s a nice turn away from her traditional roles). Seeing Laz Alonzo on screen doesn’t hurt either. Deception airs Monday nights on NBC.

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