The “Type” of Girls Guys Like

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As young women, we wonder why some guys fall for the wrong types of girls, especially when flaws are shown in the beginning, but a guy sometimes can’t notice the faults until the relationship crumbles. Sometimes guys have to touch a few thorns to reach the rose. Below is a list of thorns guys may encounter.

Pretty Young Thing (PYT) – This girl is all looks, but no brains. Her only concern is her upcoming hair appointment. Guys are deceived by her charm and good looks, but soon realize she’s only living in the moment and concerned about herself. Once in a relationship guys are left feeling unloved and lonely.

I Always Need a Man - She just broke up with her boyfriend, but do not worry she won’t be single for long. Like Taylor Swift, she can pick a new boyfriend in a blink of an eye. This girl doesn’t know what it is  like to be alone and feels like she always needs someone with her to make her happy. And once she’s found that guy, she won’t be seen without him.

- She never thinks highly of herself. She would bend over backwards to please her boyfriend. She often thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her whenever she sees him with another girl. Her insecurities and mistrust cripples the relationship.

Stalker- This type of girl has her boyfriend on target. She knows the passwords to his Facebook, phone, email, and even knows his credit score. She watches him constantly, and when the guy is not looking she’s probably right behind him. 

 Too Close For Comfort- This girl constantly texts and calls her boyfriend. She cannot imagine life without her significant other. She is everywhere hand and hand with her boyfriend. If her boyfriend tells her he will call back in five minutes and he does not, she will have a panic attack.

Overlooked -This may be the right type of girlfriend for a guy which is why she is often overlooked.  She’s probably shy or outgoing, but for some reason some guys notice her in the end.   She may not be the easiest to find, but she’s out there.

Of course, guys encounter all types of girls, but we narrowed the list down to some of the most common ones. If you would like to add to the list feel free to comment.

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